We’re back like Blake Griffin

We did some things while we were off.

Brady is BIG toast.

New NFL coaches.

The New Orleans Aints.

The Sixers are as good as Embiid’s finger.

Pistons… ugh.


“Return of the Mack” — Mark Morrison

“Used To” — Drake (feat. Lil Wayne)

Pistons and Star Wars with Vince Ellis

State of the Pistons with Detroit Free Press writer Vince Ellis.

Andre Drummond’s future.

Vince is leaving the beat.

SPOILERS! Rise of Skywalker reaction.

Original trilogy and new Star Wars shows.


“The Imperial March” — John Williams & The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra

“Shook Ones, Pt. II” — Mobb Deep

We didn’t talk about Kaepernick

The Kings are why teams are bad.

Mason Rudolph was asking for it.

Lamar Jackson is the only good quarterback.

Eat it F-150 Twitter.

Happy Malice at the Palace Day.

Blowing up the Pistons… again.


“Wam” — A$AP Ferg & MadeinTYO

“Ballad of the Bass (My Sub V)” — Big K.R.I.T.

How does anyone hate Forrest Gump?

Bringing Kaepernick back.

Give Matt Patricia the boot?

Too many NBA injuries.

Bruce Brown is not Russ.

Dion Waiters hits peak Dion Waiters.

The worst movie takes.


“Codeine Crazy” — Future

“Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” — Kanye West

Vinny Testaverde was a Carolina Panther

Matt Patricia: Defensive Savant.

Trubisky done?

There’s a lot of good quarterbacks.

Vinny Testaverde was a Carolina Panther.

The tattered and torn Pistons.

The Suns are… good?


“In My Room” — Frank Ocean

“Blue Suede” — Vince Staples