WNBA Season Preview featuring Andrew Brewster

On a special edition of Fling the Pill, Spartans Wire Lead Editor and WNBA advocate Andrew Brewster joins the program.

Why should we care about the WNBA?

Players and teams to watch for.

Injury/salary controversies.

Unfair (and fair) comparisons.

Fighting the Twitter trolls.

Andrew’s Game of Thrones finale take.


“Wish Wish” — DJ Khaled (feat. Cardi B & 21 Savage)

“Act Up” — City Girls

Game of Thrones finale from a tornado shelter

Wash your damn feet.

Magic Johnson brought smoke to First Take.

Game of Thrones is finally over.

Finding a home for Anthony Davis.

Future is a good dad!

Warriors w/out KD > Warriors w/ KD.


“A BOY IS A GUN” — Tyler, The Creator

“Higher” — DJ Khaled (feat. Nipsey Hussle & John Legend)

Game of Thrones finally stinks wow!

Kawhi Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.

Dany’s final heel turn.

Cersei vs. rocks.

The Clegane Bowl was good!

Giannis vs. Kawhi.

Lakers are bad bad.


“No Lie” — 2 Chainz (feat. Drake)

Game of Thrones Opening Credits Theme

Terry’s problematic All-Time Marvel Movie Rankings

Dany the Mother of Frappes.

Jon is the worst.

Missandei, SEE YA.

Down with the dragons.

The definitive Marvel Movie Rankings of all time ever.



“Let the Beat Build” — Lil Wayne

Game of Thrones Opening Credits Theme

Spoiler Alert! Mufasa dies at the end

Arya did the damn thang.

Jon Snow is ready to die.

Who’s dead, who’s next?

The playoffs stink!

Football is good except when it’s not.



“Flood Watch” — Juicy J (feat. Offset)

Game of Thrones Opening Credits Theme