Jacoby Brissett asking the tough questions

The Russians have Terry’s face.

The Pistons have their Russell Westbrook.

Runningbacks are good but football is scary.

Jacoby Brissett asking the tough questions.

Players throwing footballs out of stadiums.


“100 Shooters” — Future (feat. Meek Mill)

“Drug Dealers Anonymous” — Pusha T (feat. Jay-Z)

Awaiting the day the Pistons turn on Blake

Free Agency Frenzy.

Jamal Murray the ultimate bag-getter.

Pistons signed Derrick Rose…

Finding a suitor for Andre Drummond.

KA-WHERE is he going?


“Interstate 10” — Mustard (feat. Future)

“Panini” — Lil Nas X

Anthony Davis, NBA Champion

Steph stinks, wow.

Anthony Davis and the Lakers’ next big piece.

Balance of power in the West.

Draft prospects are all the same.

Hard Knocks.


“Who Ya Trynna Scare” — BlocBoy JB

“Down Bad” — Dreamville (feat. JID, Bas, J. Cole, EARTHGANG, & Young Nudy)

Kawhi good, tuberculosis bad

Cabrini Festival.

Kevin Durant is Golden State’s one hope.

Teams clearing space for whales.

The Lakers should succeed, but boy howdy.

Imminent nuclear war and cowboys dying of tuberculosis.


“Shotgun” — Future

“Simon Says” — Megan Thee Stallion (feat. Juicy J)